Holcomb Gardens Engagement Session with Niki and Sam

a well dress young man kisses a blonde girl with a blue dress on the forehead

The branches of the trees grew up and over a small paved path near Butler University, creating a leafy tunnel. Niki and Sam paused while walking down this path, holding hands and turned to face each other. The light from the sun broke through the foliage in a few places, but mostly just highlighted the area behind them. As Niki and Sam stood there, looking at each other with love, they hugged. Then Sam reached up and kissed Niki ever so gently on the forehead. during their Holcomb Gardens engagement session.

I had so much fun capturing Niki and Sam’s Holcomb Gardens engagement session! These two were so genuinely in love. Throughout the shoot, they kept making each other laugh and smile. Taking their photos almost felt like spying on a couple on a date. They way they took care of each other and held hands and hugged and kissed. It’s enough to make you swoon just a little.

On top of getting to work with such a fun couple, it was great to return to Holcomb Gardens. This is one of the most magical places around Indianapolis. The way the light shines through the trees and the transition from the forest area to the hedges and the more open parts just gives you so many great places to shoot! I’m so glad I got to take advantage of all of it with Niki and Sam. Their wedding post will be coming to the blog soon, so keep your eyes open next week for some beautiful photos from their lakeside wedding.

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Muncie Wedding with Emily and Rocky

a bride smiles at her groom as he hugs her in moody window light

Rain spattered against the windows of the church, as Emily and Rocky moved toward a back room to do a few photos. Standing in the moody light coming through one of the windows, they held each other tight. Rocky looked at Emily with love, and Emily smiled. Not even the rain could dampen their spirits at this Muncie wedding.

Emily and Rocky’s wedding looked like so much fun! They were married at True Light Baptist Church and had their reception there as well following the ceremony. Steve and I weren’t present to capture this wedding, but our awesome associate photographer Maegen and second shooter Autumn did an amazing job capturing all of the gorgeous details and fun events from the day. Shortly after the ceremony started, so did the rain. So for the rest of the day they were stuck inside. The photos they captured with window light and doorway light were gorgeous.

The happiness on the faces of the bridal party and guests kept us smiling as we edited these photos! The wedding looked like it was so much fun! We’re so thankful we get to work with such great  associate photographers, and we’re so thankful we got to be a part of this wonderful Muncie wedding, even if it was from a distance!

A big thanks to all the vendors of this Muncie Wedding!

  • Ceremony and Reception Location: True Light Baptist Church
  • Officiant: Jess Posey and Dennis Trimble
  • Wedding Dress (Designer & Boutique): David’s Bridal
  • Shoes (Brand/Store): Macy’s
  • Bridesmaid Dresses: Davinci from A Moment in Time in New Castle
  • Suits: Men’s Warehouse
  • Hair Stylist: Alicyn Weir
  • Florist: Dandelions
  • Cake Designer/Bakery: Marsha Kelly
  • Videographer: Jason Trimble
  • Honeymoon: Tennessee

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Columbia Club Wedding with Haley and Andrew

Man in tuxedo and woman in white dress stand on the Indiana War Memorial steps holding hands and looking at each other

Accompanied by their friends, Haley and Andrew walked down the steps of the Indiana War Memorial. Half way down the steps they stopped, and still holding hands they looked deep into each other’s eyes. Their friends, the bridal party, continued to walk away, giving them a rare moment alone during their bridal party portraits. Standing on the steps, looking at each other, they embraced and kissed, and we gave them a moment alone before continuing with the portraits for their Columbia Club wedding!

Steve and I had so much fun capturing Haley and Andrew’s beautiful wedding. I know we’ve been referring to it as a Columbia Club wedding, because we love that venue, but they actually got married at the Holy Spirit Parish at Geist Catholic Church earlier in the day before heading to the Columbia Club for their lovely reception. The reception was absolutely gorgeous. The centerpieces at the tables gave us some serious Havana vibes. There was lots of lush greenery.

Once the sun set we went out to the circle to capture some photos and the Indianapolis Power and Light building on the circle had lit up its windows in the shape of a beautiful heart. Steve and I love this city and all the unique little things about it, like the IPL building with its unique lighting displays. We’re so glad we were able to capture Haley and Andrew’s wedding day!

A big thanks to all of the vendors at this Columbia Club Wedding!

  • Ceremony Location: Holy Spirit Parish at Geist Catholic Church
  • Reception Location: Columbia Club
  • Coordinator/Planner: Tara Steele
  • Officiant: Father Dan
  • Wedding Dress (Designer & Boutique): Amsale
  • Shoes (Brand/Store): Nina- DSW
  • Bridesmaid Dresses: Hayley Paige
  • Suits: Jos. A Banks
  • Hair Stylist: Salon One Four
  • Make-up Artist: Tara Dumser
  • Florist: The Empty Vase
  • Catering: Columbia Club
  • Cake Designer/Bakery: Heavenly Sweets
  • Entertainment: Brian Whitis
  • Save the Date Designer: Champagne Press
  • Invite Designer: Papyrus – Crane and Co.
  • Honeymoon: Grenada

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Swan Lake Wedding with Jenny and Dylan

Bride and Groom standing on a bridge at Swan Lake Golf Course in Plymouth Indiana with their foreheads touching

Jenny and Dylan’s Swan Lake wedding was gorgeous! Standing on a small wooden bridge as the sun set, Jenny and Dylan embraced. They leaned into each other, their foreheads almost touching, so close that they couldn’t focus on each other’s face. They kissed as a slight breeze lifted Jenny’s veil. This was just one of many beautiful moments from their wedding day.

Steve and I had so much fun capturing Jenny and Dylan’s delightful wedding. It was hot outside, so we had to make sure we had plenty of water and that we built in time for the bride and groom to cool off inside throughout the day. We love shooting outside, but the past few summers here in Indiana it’s just been too hot to spend much time out of the air conditioned venues. To help guests cool down at night, Jenny and Dylan had a midnight snack that consisted of cookies, ice cream and milk! It was delicious! All of the kids and the young at heart flocked to the table as soon as the food came out! It was so much fun to return to Plymouth for another Swan Lake wedding! What a cozy little resort and golf course!


Swan Lake Wedding Feels Courtesy of:

  • Ceremony Location: Swan Lake Resort
  • Reception Location: Swan Lake Resort
  • Officiant: Tim Wanless
  • Wedding Dress (Designer & Boutique): Allure Bridal; Michelle’s Bridal and Tuxedo (Champaign, IL)
  • Veil/Hair Piece: Michelle’s Bridal and Tuxedo
  • Shoes (Brand/Store): Nina, Designer Shoe Warehouse
  • Dress Accessories (Designer and/or Boutique): Michelle’s Bridal and Tuxedo
  • Bridesmaid Dresses: Davids Bridal
  • Suits: Men’s Wearhouse
  • Hair Stylist: Jessi Knepp
  • Make-up Artist: Faith McQueen
  • Florist: West View Florist
  • Catering: Swan Lake Resort
  • Cake Designer/Bakery: Sweet Em’s Bakery
  • Entertainment: 27 Entertainment
  • Save the Date Designer: Wedding Paper Divas (now owned by shutterfly)
  • Invite Designer: Shutterfly
  • Videographer: 27 Entertainment
  • Honeymoon: Secrets Maroma Beach and Secrets Wild Orchid

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Omni Severin Wedding with Candace and Bryon

Man holding woman on stairs of omni severin at night

We arrived in the afternoon to capture some getting ready shots of Candace and Bryon at the Omni Severin in downtown Indianapolis. I was focusing on wedding photography while Steve was busy capturing video. Once Candace and Bryon were ready to go, we headed over to Lockerbie for their first look. The way they looked at each other was amazing. The love that Candace and Bryon had for each other, portrayed in that moment, made me tear up a little bit.

We love doing first looks in Lockerbie. The cobblestone roads are beautiful, though sometimes a bit hard to walk on. The trees are all old and tall, with leaves that reach up to greet the sun and some branches that hang low reaching down to the people and cars below. Candace and Bryon looked so beautiful together, and having their first look in such a beautiful area just added to that feeling of sheer beauty.

Steve and I, and our team, are so happy we got to be there to capture Candace and Bryon’s wedding day at the Omni Severin! It was hot, but it was so much fun. We are so thankful they chose us to document their wedding day. We’re also thankful for the excellent team that helped us capture all of the beautiful moments from the day. We don’t often work with second shooters that aren’t each other, so it was great to be able to work with people that we trusted and who did excellent work.

Omni Severin Wedding Feels Courtesy of:

  • Location: Omni Severin
  • Florist: JP Parker
  • Catering: Omni Severin
  • Videography: Jennifer Van Elk Photography

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Meridian Hills wedding with Megan & Ian

a groom with a lei kisses a bride in front of the boughs of an evergreen tree

The green needles of the conifers were vibrant from the spring rains, and the boughs of the trees struggled upward under their weight at Meridian Hills on Megan and Ian’s wedding day. Megan and Ian stood in front of the trees as they waited for their reception to begin. Ian turned to face Megan, holding her face with his hands, and leaned in to kiss his new wife. It was a beautiful moment.

Steve and I had so much fun shooting Megan and Ian’s wedding. They had an awesome ceremony at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church followed by a lovely reception at Meridian Hills. Meridian Hills was such a lovely country club. The staff was incredibly kind to us throughout the entire day, always offering us water bottles whenever we came in from shooting outside. That kindness does not go unnoticed.

On top of that we loved capturing this beautiful and unique wedding. We’ve honestly not captured any weddings where a majority of the guests donned leis during the reception, so we had a blast capturing all of the guests dancing with a unique accent we don’t see much of in the midwest. This was one of those weddings that you leave thinking that it could not have gone better throughout the day. It was such a great time working with so many lovely vendors in the wedding industry. We had so much fun capturing this magnetic couple all throughout the day.

Meridian Hills Wedding Feels Courtesy of:

  • Coordinator/Planner: Christy Burton
  • Officiant: Msgr. Stumpf
  • Wedding Dress: Marie Gabriel Couture Bridal
  • Shoes: Tory Burch
  • Veil/Hair Piece: Veil by Erin Young Designs
  • Bridesmaid Dresses: Ghost/London
  • Suits: Tom James
  • Hair Stylist: Kylia Robrock
  • Make-up Artist: Trish McEvoy
  • Florist: Coby Palmer Designs
  • Catering: Meridian Hills CC
  • Cake Designer/Bakery: Rene’s Bakery
  • Entertainment: The Bishops
  • Invite Designer: Athena Street Creative
  • Videographer: Marshall Camera Wedding Films
  • Transportation: Royal Transportation
  • Honeymoon: Europe

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Isagenix Headshots with Jentry and Casey in Indianapolis

Bald Man Hugs Blonde Woman from Behind in White Room next to Window

I just loved doing this shoot with Jentry and Casey! These two are such a great couple! I loved helping them craft some photos for marketing purposes for their business with Isagenix in Indianapolis. I also really loved that we were able to capture some personal photos as well. We rented a studio in Greenwood for the shoot, and I was blown away by how versatile the space was. It worked great for portraits of the two of them. We did headshots and also just some portraits of the two of them spending time together and interacting.

After I captured some shots of the two of them to get them loosened up, we transitioned into some more marketing type material for Jentry and Casey for their Isagenix franchise! We set up a few basic shots of them working together at some tables and desks in the building. We were mimicking how they actually work together when they’re at home. It was an awesome shoot! I had a ton of fun working with them to achieve some really great photos of the two of them working and the product! Steve and I work together and we’re married, so I always love it when I get to capture other couples who also work together!

Even When We Do Something a Little Different like this Isagenix shoot, We’re Still Capturing Love

Even though this shoot was mostly scheduled to get some photos for their marketing, their love for one another shined through in everything that they did together. It was so great to see the way they doted on one another and took care of each other. I hope Steve and I look this adorable when we work together. It’ makes me so happy to dote on Steve, open doors for him, grab drinks for him and tools for him. Steve always takes care of me while we’re shooting, so I know he loves it too. Mostly, I just hope we’re generally looking out for each other all day long. I hope we do that even we’re not working!

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Augusta and Mitch’s Family Photo Session!


Family Photos with Augusta and Mitch

Wife Watches While Her Husband Holds up their Baby Girl in the Window Light

I just love it when former wedding clients contact me to do family photos! It was so thrilling when Augusta and Mitch reached out to me to see if I could capture some photos of their family! I love getting the chance to check back in and catch up with past clients, and I especially love it when my clients have kids! Their daughter was so adorable!

This shoot was so much fun because Augusta and Mitch are such fun people! Their daughter is so lucky to be blessed with such great parents. All throughout the shoot, Augusta and Mitch were constantly playing with their daughter. Her face lit up ever time they were around her!

This shoot was so much fun! Babies and toddlers can sometimes be difficult to capture, but not this one. She was incredibly photogenic and really lit up all throughout these family photos. There was hardly a single moment where she wasn’t laughing and smiling! Their daughter was an absolute delight throughout the whole shoot and she’s just so incredibly adorable!

Doing Family Photos Brings Me So Much Joy!

Sometimes I don’t really stop to take the time and write about how much I love doing different photo shoots. I really love weddings, but when I do family photos, like these, it gives me a break from the 8-10 hour days that’ll only ever happen once in a life. The way my clients interact with each other and love on each other is so inspiring. I know how it is with families most of the time: a hot mess. So I love delivering photos to them that capture them at their best, when the kids that aren’t screaming and crying and the house isn’t a mess. I know how much I treasure those moments with my family.

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Holliday Park Engagement Session with Katie and Dan

man looking at woman under pine trees while hugging her from behind

The boughs of the pine trees hung low. Laden with cones and needles, they strained against gravity to stay off the ground. In between the branches, Dan hugged Katie from behind. She reached up and grabbed his arms, looking over her shoulder at fiance and smiling. She was loved and comforted as she was wrapped in his arms at Holliday Park in Indianapolis!

I had so much fun capturing Katie and Dan’s engagement session at Holliday Park. They were such a fun couple. We hiked all over the park, going up and down so many trails that I didn’t know existed before this shoot! I had a great time capturing the way they interacted with each other while we were hiking. Dan held Katie’s hand so tenderly and wrapped his arms around her so gently. I can’t wait to capture their wedding this upcoming autumn!

Holliday Park is Gorgeous!

Sometimes I forget how many great parks there are in the Indy area. Holliday Park with its board walks and monuments stands out amongst the rest. It’s not ver close to Noblesville, so I don’t utilize it as much as I would like. The park has such a rich and diverse array of flora and fauna. It feels like as you walk, you’re quickly  transitioning from wooded areas to grassy fields to hills to streams. There are so many unique places in the park with so many different backdrops.

I’m so glad I had another shoot here so that I was able to walk around and explore the park a little more. I feel like it’s easy to get stuck taking photos at the ruins at the front of the park, because they stand out and are so charming. Don’t get me wrong, I love them as much as the next photographer but I’m glad we were able to break away and take more photos in nature on this shoot.

Engagement Session Couple Walking Up Wooden Steps in Holliday Park Engagement Session Couple with Eyes Closed Smiling with the Sun Behind Them Couple Foreheads together during engagement session back lit by sun Couple Forehead Kiss Engagement Session Backlit by Sun Couple Holding Hands outside visitor center at Holliday Park Woman wearing necklace while man hugs her from behind Woman resting her head on shoulder of a man in holliday park Couple Looking Into Each Other's Eyes, with Yellow Flowers in the Background Couple Smiling Under Pine Tree in Holliday Park Backlit by Sun Man Hugging Woman while Woman Smiles Under Pine Trees couple about to kiss under a pine tree with the sun behind them causing a beautiful glowing effect Man kissing woman on cheek while woman smiles with delight Man and Woman sitting on bench in front of large art work at holliday park in indianapolis Man and Woman smiling at each other while sitting on a bench Man and Woman Hugging with Engagement Ring in front of a mossy brick wall at Holliday Park Engaged Couple Hugging in front of ruins at Holliday Park couple holding hands and walking away from ruins of house with sculptures at holliday park in indianapolis engagement session couple hugging each other in front of ruins at holliday park brown haired couple smiling and laughing on a bench man kissing woman on head while sitting on a bench brown haired man and woman sitting on a wooden bench while the man hugs the woman and the woman looks at the camera smiling

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Athenaeum Theater Engagement Session with Katie and Lyle

Engaged Couple Side Hug Athenaeum Theater Indy

Winter was lingering well into March, which meant it was too cold to shoot outside for long. As a result, Katie and Lyle decided to do their engagement session inside the Athenaeum Theater in Indy. The theater was lovely, warm, and so welcoming on this cold day in March. It was a lot cozier inside the building, but Katie and Lyle didn’t have any trouble cuddling up together.

I had so much fun capturing this session with Katie and Lyle. The way they snuggled up to each other in the photos was so romantic. The Athenaeum Theater seemed so grand in the day light. The silver, winter light filtering through the windows was absolutely stunning. The way that light illuminated Katie’s face as she looked at Lyle was brilliant! I can’t wait to capture Katie and Lyle’s wedding this fall.

The Athenaeum Theater is a Gem!

The Athenaeum Theater is such a wonderful building. There are so many great places to shoot inside the theater that take advantage of the great window light! I love shooting inside as long as there are plenty of windows so I can get great natural light on my subjects. There’s something about the way the light from the window falls off as it enters a room that appeals to my sense of style. I love those dark and moody shots of brides and grooms and dramatic lighting that can be used to highlight their best features.

As I was shooting with Katie and Lyle it felt like we would never run out of interesting places to shoot inside this building. There were so many different rooms and so many windows with unique shapes. It wasn’t difficult to find a beautiful space with lighting that made me wonder what I could create. I can’t wait to go back to the Athenaeum Theater for another shoot some day!

Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple Athenaeum Theater Indy Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple Coffee Table Athenaeum Theater Indy Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple Athenaeum Theater Indy Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple Window Light Athenaeum Theater Indy Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple Back Lit Circular Window Athenaeum Theater Indy Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple White Wall Athenaeum Theater Indy Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple Stain Glass Windows Athenaeum Theater Indy Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple Wood Wall Athenaeum Theater Indy

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