April 26, 2018

Katie & Dan at Holliday Park in Indy

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The boughs of the pine trees hung low, laden with cones and needles they strained against gravity to stay off the ground. In between the branches, Dan hugged Katie from behind. She reached up and grabbed his arms, looking over her shoulder at fiance and smiling as she was wrapped in his loving and comforting arms.

I had so much fun capturing Katie and Dan’s engagement session at Holliday Park. They were such a fun couple and I had a great time hiking the trails with them and capturing the way they interacted with each other. I can’t wait to capture their wedding this upcoming autumn!

Engagement Session Couple Walking Up Wooden Steps in Holliday Park Engagement Session Couple with Eyes Closed Smiling with the Sun Behind Them Couple Foreheads together during engagement session back lit by sun Couple Forehead Kiss Engagement Session Backlit by Sun Couple Holding Hands outside visitor center at Holliday Park Woman wearing necklace while man hugs her from behind Woman resting her head on shoulder of a man in holliday park Couple Looking Into Each Other's Eyes, with Yellow Flowers in the Background Couple Smiling Under Pine Tree in Holliday Park Backlit by Sun Man Hugging Woman while Woman Smiles Under Pine Trees couple about to kiss under a pine tree with the sun behind them causing a beautiful glowing effect Man kissing woman on cheek while woman smiles with delight Man and Woman sitting on bench in front of large art work at holliday park in indianapolis Man and Woman smiling at each other while sitting on a bench Man and Woman Hugging with Engagement Ring in front of a mossy brick wall at Holliday Park Engaged Couple Hugging in front of ruins at Holliday Park couple holding hands and walking away from ruins of house with sculptures at holliday park in indianapolis engagement session couple hugging each other in front of ruins at holliday park brown haired couple smiling and laughing on a bench man kissing woman on head while sitting on a bench brown haired man and woman sitting on a wooden bench while the man hugs the woman and the woman looks at the camera smiling

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