July 9, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Sam & Matt’s Wedding | Doppelgangers & Rain

The Night BeforeSteve and I headed toward Columbus, later than we had wanted. We had to wait till 6:30 for my mother-in-law to arrive to watch our son. She had a three hour drive after work, so we were really thankful she was willing to come watch him no matter what time she could arrive. Since we were going to miss the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner due to our babysitter needs, we decided to stop for dinner in Indianapolis at our favorite restaurant, Brugge Brasserie. Stomachs full of Red Curry moules, frites, and crepes; hearts full of excitement, anticipation, and hope; and eyes full of sleeping dust, we headed on to Columbus.  After arriving to the hotel late at night, we pulled out our equipment and did our 3rd or 4th check that we had everything before falling asleep in a jumbled mess on the bed.

The Revealing & Portraits
That morning I spent some time with the bride, Sam, and the bridesmaids while they prepared themselves for the day. Meanwhile Steve went and spent some time with the groom, Matt, and the groomsmen while they shot each other with Nerf guns and put on their tuxes. After the girls had all of their final touch ups finished, Sam, and I went to the Mill Race Park for the revealing.  Upon my arrival, I saw Steve hard at work with Matt, attempting to remove all the berries from the path for the revealing.  Thankfully, after the revealing was over, there was not a single red drop on her dress.

It was a very hot day and even the rain couldn’t temper the heat.  Thankfully, the rain held off till shortly after we finished the wedding party portraits.  After the rain started, we left the park and headed to church. Soon after our arrival at the church, the sky cleared and it stopped raining.  We finished portraits with the family shoot outside of the church, as close to the air conditioning as we could get.

Honestly, I don’t know if the day could have ran any smoother.  The rain gave all of us a chance to cool down in the air conditioning before starting the family portraits.  We had a fabulous time getting to know the family and friends of Matt & Sam.

At the reception, after the dancing started, Steve approached me (it was less creepy than that sentence makes it sound). I assumed it was to show me a picture he got that he assumes will be the best picture of the day. We can become a little competitive while shooting, sometimes. Instead Steve started this conversation with me:

“I found your twin.” Steve said.
“Who?” I replied
“The girl that looks exactly like you!”
“Steve! Just tell me, there are 30 girls on the dance floor right now.”
“Just look for the one that makes you think you’re looking in the mirror.” (he made me add this, I don’t think he said anything that smart)

After saying, “Right there. She is your twin. You know, the one that looks exactly like you!” He finally described her. At first I was like, “Oh, I can kind of see it,” but after awkwardly approaching her (I can do that because she is my twin after all) and saying, “My husband thinks we look alike”, I could really see the resemblance.  Her name was Ashley and she was super nice. Ashley responded to my awkward introduction by saying, “People have been telling me that all night!” Of course, I wouldn’t tell this story without a picture 🙂

What are your thoughts? Do you think we look alike? Who do people say you look like?

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