September 27, 2011

DIY: Space-saver Folded Plastic Bag Technique


I hoard plastic bags. It is true.  After I had my son, I discontinued using the reusable bags mostly because I keep forgetting to take them with me, but when I’m bringing all of my stuff and his stuff, it usually looks like we are moving into the grocery store, I use the store bags.  One thing I don’t do is throw them away.  When again, I forget to take them to the recycling bin (my grocery store has it right in the entry way) they pile up and I no where to put them.
Do you have this problem? I have a solution.  Maybe, unlike me, you have great use for these little space wasters (please share).  I fold mine, American flag style.  Do you remember in glory days of  elementary when you had the opportunity to leave class a little bit early because you were the (not nerdy) hall monitor? When I was on duty I had the responsibility of folding the flag.  For some of us this has been YEARS since we’ve used this skill so I have a little tutorial down below.

This honestly has saved me TONS of space, so instead of only fitting 7 bags in a drawer, I can fit 30+ (my husband loves me)! More plastic bags to love.

Space-saver Folded Plastic Bag Technique

First: Flatten your bag so that you can see the logo (or “Thank You”) in the front. Pull the handles up and flatten them also.

Second: Fold your bag in half. Okay, Fold it in half again.

Third: Take your left bottom corner and bottom and make it touch the right side. It should make a triangle.

Now just fold that up. The repeat with the right side.

Fourth: Honestly, this is the hardest part but I promise it’s not that hard.  Make sure that side of the triangle that has all the open folds is facing up. Like a pocket.

Now stuff the handles into that little pocket.

If you have a larger bag or long handles, you can fold it all the way up, just make sure that the handles are securely in the pocket. Ta-da, space friendly bag.

After grocery shopping, I’ll have tons of bags. I usually fold them while watching tv.  Another thing you can do is reuse. Now that they are tight, small, and secure you can throw them in your purse and use them for your next trip.

Whatever you do with these little guys, please recycle, whether it be reusing or donating to your local recycle bin. Thanks for reading!

Post below what you wish you could compact or something you collect (whether it be on purpose or not).

Guilty of keeping EVERY bottle of Bath and Body Works people give me. I honestly think I have a bottle from 10 years ago (that is weird, I should probably throw that away).

*Shameless plug for Meijer? I wish I had a trendy hipster bag, but lets be honest, they usually make those out of a less mainstream material that no one had ever heard of.

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