July 6, 2012

DO NOT use Image Canvas | Imagecanvas.com |


I hate complaining.  I really like to be positive and uplifting, but after the way I’ve been treated by Image Canvas, I find myself unable to be positive and uplifting.  Every company messes up orders from time to time. I can understand messing up an order, but I can’t understand why a company would ever argue with a client or after failing to fulfill an order say to the client that they had no idea how when they could fulfill the order.
As a result of the way this company has acted and the way they have treated me, I would recommend that you avoid this company like the plague, or at least avoid this company like a rat whose ancestors might have carried the plague at one point in time.

I went out on a whim and decided to order a canvas from Image Canvas instead of the company I typically use. Basically, I made a huge mistake.  20 days after placing my initial order, I contacted the company asking when my canvas would be arriving.  I received a response which implied that I should have known that the beginning of June was rush time and that somehow that meant that it was alright that Image Canvas had no idea where my canvas was or when it would arrive. No apologies were made. No assurances that anyone would figure this out. No willingness that anyone would help.

After reading that email, I read several reviews of Image Canvas. All of the reviews were complaints from dissatisfied customers who were still waiting to see the canvases they ordered (6 months after placing an order), and there were some customers who never received their order and had simply given up on the idea that they ever would receive their order.  I wish I would have read these reviews before I ordered a canvas from Image Canvas.

Do not risk ordering from Image Canvas. I didn’t save any money by ordering from Image Canvas, and there are definitely better companies out there.  This put a damper on my day, emailing back and forth with Image Canvas (with Image Canvas arguing about when I actually placed the order). I also made a similarly frustrating phone call. Still no apology.  I definitely do not want anyone to go through the agony that what I went through with Image Canvas.

I tried not to let this ruin my day, but it wasted a lot of my time.  I feel like I’m usually very understanding when mistakes are made, but I’m not understanding when I am treated like a number. I’m also not understanding when I am disrespected.

There are several great canvas companies that are affordable. I’ve been very happy with CG Pro for my personal use, and Mpix has also been a great company. Currently I’m just thankful I didn’t recommend Image Canvas to any of my clients or place any business related orders with Image Canvas.

Image Canvas is a scam and a ripoff.

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