November 30, 2020

Eagle Creek Reservoir Engagement with Riane and Jacob

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A small strip of land runs through the water at Eagle Creek reservoir. Just some dirt packed around rocks with plants growing up between them and wide enough for four people to walk across. A few small trees reach up toward the sky on either side of the land and in a gap in the trees, Riane and Jacob hugged and kissed. This was just one of the many great moments from this amazing Eagle Creek Reservoir engagement shoot with Riane and Jacob!

The light at Eagle Creek Park and Reservoir during this engagement shoot was just phenomenal. Half the sky was cloudy and overcast, but the not the area where the sun was setting. So we were able to capture some really great photos with lots of cloud coverage and a very interesting sky, while also capturing some beautiful sunset photos. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to shoot.

This was also one of the first shoots we did after the first lockdown ended. This shoot felt so good to do. It felt great to be able to work. It felt great to be able to interact with people in person. This really helped ease my mental faculties at a time when they felt pretty strung out. Plus, it was nice that Riane and Jacob were such great people who really made the whole experience a lot of fun.

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If you loved the photos in this blog post, consider visiting Eagle Creek Park.

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