May 1, 2010

Engagement: Emily and Ben

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I’ve had the privilege to know Ben and Emily for a while now and I feel I can say one thing that all their friends can agree on: they are a blast to be around. I feel so blessed with the opportunity to shoot both their engagement and wedding (September 18, 2010).  Like most experiences involving them, this shoot was so much fun.  Emily was so laid back and carefree, while Ben was playful and full of ideas.  Honestly, all I needed to do was follow them around with a camera and shoot like crazy.
Emily and Ben met in college.  During a get-together, a group of mutual friends of Ben and Emily put together a coed football game.  During a play, the ball was passed to Emily.  Since Ben was on the opposing team, he charged at Emily and tackled her straight to the ground.  This not only surprised her, but sparked her interest in Ben.  After a year of dating, Ben saw something different in her and realized he desired to spend a lot more time with her, the rest of his life.

They are adorable together.  It was so fun to see that interaction during the shoot.

It was hard to pick my favorites, but with some help, here they are:

I love this little “heart” that has be burned into the metal by the sun.

We decided to shoot a few in front of the church they’ll be getting married at.
About 1 second after this shot Ben could have busted his head.  Luckily he has great balance.
The wind was crazy that day, especially in that alley.
Ben and Emily told me that they really enjoy going to the Ball State Art Museum when they are in town.
Being graduates from Ball State, Emily and Ben made sure they expressed their BSU love with their t-shirts.

They were like this for the entire shoot; I loved capturing those moments for them!
They were  fun and willing to try anything. ; )
Ball State: Education Redefined… I still miss the “Everything You Need” slogan.
Ben really likes jumping pictures. I loved the expressions that both of them gave in some that we took.

Ben, being the romantic he is, went to pick Emily a flower. As he handed it to her, all the petals fell off. It was pretty funny.
Only Ben and Emily would have this much fun on a light pole!
Second try: Ben decided to get something for Emily that wasn’t going to fall apart.

The picture in the Upper Left was funny. Ben wanted to take a picture where it looked like he was following Emily from behind (stalker like). As he got closer, he picked up his pace and grabbed Emily by the waist. I don’t think she was expecting that.


Emily’s eyes are gorgeous!

The picture came out how I wanted it to, but it doesn’t do justice to how gorgeous her ring is!
Ben’s little rendition of the hand jive.

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