June 1, 2011

{Engagement: Meg and David}

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It’s hard to trick us, guys. We know what’s going on. So, when you actually catch us off guard, we know the plan must have been a well thought out one.
The proposal

David has been living Texas since graduation.  So when Meg saw him at the top of the hill at Notre Dame, she was completely surprised.

That next Day, Meg was supposed to fly out to Texas to visit David.  She was supposed to go have a “night out with friends”, that David highly encouraged her to go to. He knew it had always been important that she was dressed up for the proposal so her girlfriends helped make that happen.  She was running late and texting David about her hesitations.  David kept asking, “Aren’t you supposed to be heading out.”  Megan’s response was like, “No it’s okay.”  David was secretly going crazy because it was supposed to happen the hour before but he didn’t want to seem pushy and give it away.  She finally headed towards Notre Dame to meet her friends.  As she headed towards a man who was pacing, she thought to herself, “That’s looks like David.”  The though soon faded because she was soon to be on a plane to visit him. She got closer and closer, and soon realized… it was David!  “You’re in the wrong state.”  David quickly got down on one knee and proposed to a completely surprised Meg.

I had a lot of fun on our morning engagement shoot.  I’m really look forward to this July to shoot their summer wedding!

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