October 20, 2010

Family Portraits: The Morris Family

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                   Sam and Matthew, high school sweethearts, recently moved into a new home and started there family. Very happy baby, Carter, was born one month after their move and since then, their lives have been building. Their home was built pre-civil war and is absolutely gorgeous. They have a large property, with a few farm animals, many dogs, and a small orchard in the back. Although, there is still a lot of work to be done, the Morris’ have made the property look beautiful. I love their country living. Their house is actually two miles away from where I grew up.

                  Sam and I cheered at our high school together. Although, she was a few years older than me and didn’t have the privilege to be on the same squad, I got to know her through cheer camps. I always looked up to her. She had such a kind heart and was very mature. She is a wonderful mother to Carter, as Matt is as a father. He is a very lucky boy to have such wonderful parents.

                  Thanks, Morris family! It was an absolute joy to shoot your portraits!

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