February 5, 2019

Holcomb Gardens Engagement Session with Brooke & Mike

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It was a warm day in late spring. It wasn’t quite summer yet, but the air felt like it was heating up. The proceeding week it had rained almost every day, and this was the first sunny day. Under an old Oak Tree in the middle of the gardens, Brooke and Mike walked together holding hands. A slight breeze tussled Brooke’s hair and Mike smiled as he looked at her. It was the perfect day for a Holcomb Gardens engagement session.

I’ve gone with Jenn to quite a few engagement shoots at Butler University’s Holcomb Gardens before. Every time we were there I was a little jealous that she was the one shooting while I was just assisting her. So, I was very excited when Brooke and Mike said they wanted an engagement session at their alma mater, Butler University. I knew if we were shooting at Butler we’d be spending a lot of the shoot in the Holcomb Gardens! And, I felt like I’d been dying to shoot there.

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