March 15, 2015

Re-encoding Videos to Mpeg-2

Pick the right video converter or you'll never get where you need to be.

Pick the right video converter or you’ll never get where you need to be.

Is It Possible to Convert my Video to Mpeg-2 Using Mpeg Streamclip?

Nope. This query on Google brings a lot of people to our site, which is unfortunate because until now there was never a clear answer on our site. Now there is and the answer is no. Mpeg Streamclip allows you to encode your video files into a lot of different codecs, but it won’t allow the user to turn a .mov, .avi, .dv or .mp4 file into a .m2t, .mpeg, .vob, or .ts file. Mpeg Streamclip can open Mpeg-2 files and once opened it allows the user to demux, mux, save the video track, save the audio track, or convert a mpeg-2 wrapper to a different wrapper (from .vob to .ts for example), but Mpeg Streamclip does not allow the user to convert non-Mpeg-2 files to Mpeg-2 file types though.

What are the Alternatives?

So what are the alternatives that can do this? Are they free? Nope. There’s no free alternative. If you want a professional alternative, then I suggest downloading Compressor from Apple. It’s only $49, and it’ll give you a lot of options.

If you’re looking for a free program that can convert your video files to mpeg-2 files, then check out Adapter. It’s a relatively easy-to-use program. Users can just drag and drop their videos into the browser and then choose to convert the video a variety of formats. It doesn’t have the kind of advance controls that Compressor gives users, but it’s a lot less confusing. It can put out mpeg-2 files as .mpeg files. To get those .mpeg files into a .vob, .m2t, or .ts file another program would be required (like Mpeg Streamclip). FFmpeg is a requirement for Adapter to work. If FFmpeg isn’t already installed on a computer, then Adapter will prompt the user the download and install it.

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