June 4, 2010

Sarah and Bob: Engagement

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Sarah and Bob are extremely friendly people.  It felt less like a shoot and more like we were just hanging out.  Both were very loving to one another, but the shoot was more goofy than romantic, which I love.  I was told that the majority of pictures they have of each other, at least one person is making a silly face.  I tried to do a bit of a mixture for them, some to get the “traditional” Sarah and Bob, and the “engaged” Sarah and Bob.

When Sarah and I talked about what we would like these engagement pictures to reflect, we ran over some ideas of what represents them as a couple.  “We play a lot of board games.”  When I met up with them both I was excited to hear they brought a scrabble board game.  We played around for a while with the pieces and ended up with some really fun shots.

We headed out of the park soon after and stopped to get ice cream.  Sarah bought me a soft served strawberry on a sugar cone (so good!).  That is just a little example of how kind they are!  It was entertaining watching them interact at the ice cream shop.  They seem to have a lot of fun together!

I feel really privileged to have the opportunity to shoot their engagement and I’m really looking forward to shooting their wedding in July.

If I’m allowed to pick favorites, this is one of them.

It was a REALLY sunny day.  We were very blessed that we didn’t get the rain from the day before and the day that followed.

We were lucky that the park wasn’t full of kids.  We would have really put a damper on their bridge playing.

Sarah told me that her and Bob like to go to parks.  I can now see why! They  seemed to have a lot of fun together, and what better place to feed your child-at-heart than a park?

Wink! This is for the future Bob and Sarah Thompson. Wedding programs perhaps?

She kept saying, “I just love my ring. Bob did such a good job, I just love it.”  They seemed to always encourage each other, which is a really great quality to have to create a lasting marriage!

Yes, I realize there are no numbers in scrabble…  I took care of it!

I never knew a wall of a liquor store could produce a beautiful backdrop.  I love that color of blue!

I can’t remember if Sarah said something off the wall or Bob was just jealous that she had the cone.

In college, to have  privacy to talk, they would hang out in Bob’s car.  We decided to move the ice cream out to Bob’s car so they could have privacy for PDA.

Sarah was telling me that the Thompson’s have really big mouths- literally.  I believe you now, Sarah!

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