May 11, 2010

Something Personal: Gulf Shores

FILED IN: The Van Elks

I traveled down to Gulf Shores, AL with my husband and in-laws this past April.  Gulf Shores has been the vacation spot for the Van Elks for many spring breaks.  It happened to workout that both my husband, Steven, and I were able to tag along.  The weather was great and so was the food (prepared by my Mother-in-law, Kathy,  and her sister).  I really enjoyed my time away. Kathy  just recently married a wonderful man named Dan. They married each other roughly four years after they both lost their spouses.  I’m so glad that they found one another. They both seem very happy when they are together.  Dan and his late-wife adopted six children, who are now ranging in age from 7-16 years old.  Peter, adopted as a baby from Korea, was later diagnosed with severe autism.  Peter is a lot of work, but he is also a huge blessing to all of us.  One night Steve and I watched all the kids, so Dan and Kathy could have a break. Peter made me feel so good that night, because when I brought out dinner he made it disappear in just a few seconds! He is a really good kid, but he has no concept of night and day.  Almost every morning around dawn that week, Peter would wake me with his singing, so I would grab my camera and head out to the beach.  At the time I was a little annoyed because I love my sleep, but I couldn’t thank him enough for being my alarm.  I had such a great time shooting around sunrise.  I met a Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds near the Blue Heron and it was just a joy getting to know them.  Here are a few of the pictures I look during my vacation on the beach!

Also, in other news, I’m in the process of a new logo.  I’ll be making changes to the site hopefully soon!

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