March 17, 2010

Something Personal: Our Vacation

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I’ve realized that I shoot quite a bit and never post. That will probably change because I love sharing my passions! These are a few shots from my husband, Steven, and my vacation. I just purchased a new canon 7d recently. Steve insisted that he carried the camera around. It is one of the few DSLRs that shoot video- which is his niche. While climbing the Smoky Mountains, Steve stopped every so often to shoot me or the beautiful scenery. Since I felt deprived after that short afternoon, I kept my camera at my side for the rest of my trip.
Since I missed the (much desired) WPPI convention (empty pockets… I just know I’ll win a trip next year!!), I tried to “make” up for it by shooting as much as I could. Practice equals “getting better”.  Someday I’ll get a chance to attend the conference! People, I do desire to get better… the only way to do this is learn by people who are WAY better than me. Maybe someday I’ll be teaching (eeeeee!).

Gatlinburg is sort of a home away from home. It’s not too much of a drive that we need to fly, so my family went there ALL THE TIME! I’m very familiar with the area. I’ve grown attached to the mountains and trails. My husband and I will hopefully get another chance to go this summer, completely roughing it.  I love camping, but will have to go into the town a few time so I can charge up my camera battery ; )

All the sunset pictures were shot out of our 70mph speeding car… I feel like that might be ridiculous but you can’t really stop in the middle of a Tennessee interstate. I had to take what I could get.

I really do like this picture, but unfortunately the window is clearly visible as “noise”.   I love mountain sunsets!

Steve’s favorite

Another favorite of Steve. He’s really into those mysterious looking antennas.  I do love the firery clouds at the top.

This is the mountain we climbed. See all that white stuff at the top… yep, not a nice cloud. That thing POURED on us. It turned into beautiful snow as we got closer to the top.

This is obviously a picture taken by Steven. It rained and snowed all the way up; my hair was matted to my face. Yes, I hiked in knitted boots and jeans. THIS WAS NOT PLANNED. We thought this hike might be a simple one so we stopped by after a trip into town… wrong. I was definitely warm, and for the first time not sore the next day. I say these were probably the best shoes I’ve ever hiked in. ; P

Steve in Gatlinburg. Cutie.  This pictures kind of gives you an idea of how much it was snowing. It was gorgeous to say the least!

So… there might be a few pictures of my shoes in this collection. I was excited to be wearing these Steve Madden flats! Indiana is so cold in the winter. I painted my toes on the way down, sorta wanted to show them off ; )

Last one, I promise! Typically I would have only posted one, but I really love the textures and color in this one. This one is my favorite!

Before walking on the Purple People bridge, Steven surprised me with a trip to the Hofbrauhaus… the building pictured above. SO GOOD!

I LOVE this pedestrian bridge. If you live near here, or have one in your city- take advantage of it! Steve and I had a wonderful time saying hello to people and just enjoying the outdoors. Good job Newport for rehabilitated this bridge and using it for something wonderful for the community!


Another shot of the bridge.

After leaving the bridge to snag a peak of the shops in the area, we ran into this little entry way.  The little shop area had these white, christmas-like lights all around the trees and buildings.  It gave it a really warm and welcoming feel and I definitely enjoyed the time we spent out there.

We had so much fun. Now looking back, I wish I would have taken more pictures but we definitely needed the time to just relax and be lazy. The only problem is that a three day vacation is almost a tease. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things by the end of this week.  Take care, everyone! Let me know how your spring break was (or is going to be)!

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