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Steven has been a photographer with JVE since 2011. Nearly a decade of incredibly happy couples has only grown his passion for his work.
On top of being a fabulous photographer & videographer, Steven is the host of two podcast. He has many loves in his life but the thing that tops the list is all things nerdy. Ideally he'd have a Harry Potty themed "bar" nearby that served butter beer on tap, but that only makes the trips to Harry Potter World that much sweeter. Even though he is unable to enjoy being at Hogwarts daily (Jenn will make him the recipe every once in a while), he's typically reading his kindle, watching a comedy with Jenn, taking hikes with his family, listening to podcasts, making delicious food, or playing "horsy" with his two little ones. 



Or Txt Jenn at 317-572-8444

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