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February 4, 2019

small circular painted things at the yelp bazaar in indy

This year I was fortunate enough to asked to capture the Yelp Bazaar event at the Indianapolis Central Library! The event was so much fun! Steve and I have attended before, and it was great! We loved perusing all of the wonderful local businesses and trying out new food and drinks. I love this event […]

October 20, 2016

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Looking out the windows at the top of Indianapolis Library provides a beautiful view of the Indianapolis cityscape. The Indiana War Memorial seems to rise up from the American Legion Mall while the Chase Tower looms in its background. The top of the Sailors and Soldiers Monument pops up over the trees of the mall, […]

May 19, 2016

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The light of the setting sun flooded through an archway in the loggia to frame Jessica and Ashish as they took a moment to relax at Oldfields. They had done a lot of walking during their photoshoot, and took a small break to sit in the warm sunlight. Ashish held Jessica close to him as […]