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Two things we are confident in: Wedding Planning & photography. Van Elk & Co is made up of a team of photographers who love to create portraits of love & happiness and share advice for wedding couples.

This isn't your typical photography blog. We share useful info for couples who are getting married and those who are heading that direction. Let us show you pretty things while you fill your head with all things wedding planning.

May 22, 2018

wedding photo podcast

Continuing on this podcasting trend that Steve started for us, we’re back at it again! We went on the Wedding Photo Podcast with Ulices Del Toro to talk about our businesses! We talked with Ulices about running a wedding photography company while trying to stay married and deeply in love. I talked with Ulices about […]

April 29, 2018

woman shooting a wedding in golden light in sea of wedding guests used promotionally for her podcast spot filling in for her wedding hungover husband on the wedding photo hangover podcast

After the first time, I knew that eventually Steve would ask me back onto his podcast Wedding Photo Hangover again! I came back on Steve’s show this week to talk about wedding photography. It was a little bit more serious of a show than usual. Why? Because Steve was sick. I was actually stepping in […]

October 22, 2017

beautiful woman backlit by flash used as episode are for wedding photo hangover podcast guest spot

I don’t know how many people who follow this blog know this, but Steve does a podcast now. He’s doing with his friend, Dustin, another Indiana wedding photographer. The podcast is called the Wedding Photo Hangover podcast. It’s a comedy podcast about wedding photography and running a wedding photography business. And I want to say, […]