December 6, 2010

Wedding: Amy and Deron

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                  One of my favorite things about shooting weddings is spending the entire day with two people in love. I had a blast shooting Deron and beautiful Amy’s wedding. Their families, wedding party, and guest were just absolutely wonderful. You can tell a lot about a couple by the people they surround themselves with.                  Before Amy put on her dress, we hung out and ate lunch at her house. During that time, Amy was putting things together for the day and snagged her engagement ring against a closet. She briefly looked down at her hand and saw that everything was fine. As she was telling us the story she looked down at her ring again and noticed her diamond was missing! All of us were on our hands and knees searching for her diamond. Amy eventually found it but had difficulty finding a jeweler that could fix it that day. It’s a type of stress I wouldn’t wish on ANYONE, but Amy handled the situation so well. I was so impressed. I don’t think I could have been as calm as her. Everyone went on through the day and Amy was handed her engagement ring, diamond attached, right before the ceremony.
                  Thank you so much for letting me shoot your day, it was an absolute blessing to spend the day with you both. I only wish you the best!

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