November 16, 2010

Wedding: Ashley and Ross K

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                  Two “Ross and Ashley”s in one year! Considering Ross isn’t a super common name, it surprises me a bit. I’ve decided to advertise strictly as an “Ashley and Ross” photographer. Aaaaand I’ll book… 0 weddings for next year.

                  Ashley and Ross are the epitome of “opposites attract”. Ross is really laid back and quiet, and Ashley is FULL of energy and always has many great stories to tell. Ashley is very open and it makes you feel like you’ve known her for years. Both Ross and Ashley are extremely welcoming and generous. They were a GREAT couple to work with.

                  Right before Ross and Ashley had their revealing, I asked, “Ross, are you nervous.” His response was, “No, not really. I’m just really anxious to see her.” Well, Ashley looked absolutely gorgeous in her very stylish wedding dress (definitely one of my top favorites of this year).

                  After wedding party pictures, they took a vintage corvette around downtown for the intimates. I loved this prop! Actually, considering a prop like this for my own in the future??? I could only hope. I don’t know if corvettes and diapers really mix.

                  I had so much fun with you both, Ashley and Ross. I loved your homemade centerpieces, the wonderful comfort food, and the love that share for each other. You guys are great!

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