October 24, 2010

Wedding: Britney and Corey

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                   On a beach, 2,000 miles away from home, Britney and Corey met for the “first” time. Both had moved to California to pursue a new life away from Indiana. Britney grew up in a small town in central Indiana, and Corey graduated from an opposing school. They were familiar with each other but never had the chance to actually meet. Randomly, they ran into each other at a get-together, and their relationship grew from there.

This summer, they both traveled back home to tie the knot. Their ceremony was held in a beautiful rose garden at the Minnestrista Cultural Center. After saying their “I Dos”, the celebration moved 50 yards over to their outdoor reception. It was an absolute gorgeous day, and perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Thank you so much, Britney and Corey, for letting me shoot your special day! It was beautiful!

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