October 19, 2010

Wedding: Sarah and Josh

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                   Sarah and Josh are high school sweethearts and make an absolute wonderful couple. Josh and Sarah’s brother, David, were best friends in school. As they spent more time with one another, Sarah and Josh started to notice each other. They grew up as next door neighbors and their families were good friends. It’s great to know that two families, that get along so well, are joining as one. It’s a great first step to be surrounded by people who support your unity.

                  It was very important to Sarah that they were married on the 7th. There were so many lasting marriages, that she had been surrounded by, that were wed on the 7th. This meant compromises had to be made. Although, I’m not superstitious myself, I find this to be so heartwarming. She was willing to give up a dream reception hall and many other things because it was important to her that her marriage with Josh lasted a lifetime.

                  Congrats, Josh and Sarah! I’m so happy for you!

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