May 12, 2015

IMA Engagement | Indy Wedding Photographers | Abby & Arturo

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Arturo is from Peru. Abby is from Indiana. The two had a very long distance relationship, but the distance didn’t keep this couple from thriving. During the shoot, their alarms went off on their phones, at the same time. “It’s our hour,” Abby said. Since they lived so far away from each other and finding time to communicate was often difficult, they set a daily alarm on their phones that would remind them to think of each other for the next hour of the day, even though they couldn’t always communicate. The alarms were set to go off at the same time no matter where they were in the world, with regard to time zones. They snuggled as we took a few more pictures. This idea of setting an alarm just to think of one another, and seeing their reaction when it went off while they were together, was one of the most romantic things I’ve ever heard of a couple doing.

Abby said she had never met anyone as passionate about life as Arturo. She talked positively about everything and everyone. Arturo couldn’t wipe the smile off his face! I couldn’t think of a better way to start my afternoon than with these two, their incredible optimism and passion for life, and their incredible love for one another! It was joyous! 

The engagement was full of laughter and joy. I can’t even imagine how full my heart will feel after witnessing their wedding! I cannot wait!

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