February 5, 2020

About Jenn & Steven

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Let’s get personal!
Some of you know that we are a wife and husband team but maybe some are unaware because of our business name. When I started “Jennifer Van Elk Photography” in 2010, Steven had no intensions to capture photography. He did shoot video with me at our first wedding though. Shortly after that, he started to assist me and fell in love with wedding photography. Soon after, Steven joined my team full time. Even though he is a big portion of our business, he’s behind the scenes quite a bit. We’ll dive into our roles as business partners some other time but I wanted to introduce us as a couple.

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How did you meet? Through friends, at a conference in Indianapolis when we were in college. It was a Marriot ballroom. We haven’t shot a wedding there but we have stayed at the hotel since we’ve met.
First date: We went to Goodwill picked outfits for each other to wear. Went out to eat and then painted together. We looked ridiculous.
How many years together: 13 years in April
Age difference: 11 months
Who was interested first: Both pretty equal, but probably Steven.
Who is taller: Steven by 7 inches. He grew an inch since we met and he’s super proud of himself for that.
Who said I love you first: Steven after 7 months of dating.
Most impatient: Jenn, but we are both pretty patient.
Most sensitive: Jenn is very in touch with the feels.
Most crazy: Jenn (“only because I have a better imagination”).

PC: Megan Renee Thompson

Loudest: Pretty equal. It really depends on the situation
Most stubborn: Steven, but there are things that Jenn is passionate about that would put her in this category.
Falls asleep first: Steven.
Cooks better: Jenn, but Steven is a good cook as well.
Better morning person: What is a morning? Neither of us really like to get up early but Jenn is probably higher functioning in the morning… however, Steven typically wakes up first to get Iain ready for school.
Best driver: Steven, when it’s not snowy or icy or time to parallel park, then it’s Jenn (I take a lot of pride in my parallel parking abilities).
Most competitive: Jenn, but Steven is pretty competitive as well.


If you want to know a little more about us, check out the about me section of our website!

Want to see what else we’re up to? We also do a podcast every week about wedding planning called Wedded! The podcast exists to help couples plan their wedding, but without taking it too seriously! Also, you can find more info at weddedpod.com, or you can find the podcast on all the major platforms by just searching for Wedded.

Want to see a glimpse of us working? Check out our behind the scenes photos. We even have a couple from our first wedding back in 2010!

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