April 20, 2010

Amy and Deron

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Amy and Deron are the type of people that you always have so much fun around. Bubbly. Goofy. Loving. They are definitely the type of people you want to see together. Thankfully, they met and plan to spend the rest of their lives together!Amy and Deron met through mutual friends. They attended separate high schools in the same town and separate colleges (in separate states) but were blessed by the chance of meeting one another. They both learned more about each other through years of friendship. A little over a year ago, new feelings started to blossom and a new relationship started to grow.
Their engagement story is very cute. Deron had planned on proposing to Amy in front of his family on Christmas Eve.  Amy brought up something she had randomly been thinking about while they were cuddling. She told Deron that when the day happens, that he does in fact propose to her, she doesn’t want it to be in front of anyone. Deron started to panic; it was Christmas break. He racked his brain for a quick idea. He grabbed the ring without her seeing it and said “Do you want to go on a walk?” It just so happened that the place he asked her to go on a walk, was a luminary walk with many beautiful lights. Amy told me, “Deron, NEVER wants to go here. I knew something was up.” They stopped at a covered bridge and leaned over to view the water. Amy continued staring at the water until she felt a tug at her leg. By this time she had forgotten all about their conversation earlier. She was wondering why in the world Deron was on the ground. She turned around to find him, on one knee, holding up a GORGEOUS ring.

They are planning on getting married in their home town, October 22, 2010 and I’m delighted to be shooting it. It’s going to be so much fun, because they are such a fun couple!

We had some issues with the wind in this picture, but ultimately, they were patient and we got the shot!

Thanks to a woman driving by asking “What are you guys doing?,”  I got a genuine smile out of both of them!

Don’t you just love spring? Beautiful colors and new flip-flops!
I love how the key hole turned out.  I’m sure they both enjoyed the shade for awhile… It was so hot!

It’s not very often you find petals all over the ground… It’s even more rare to get a guy to lie in them to take pictures.  Deron made some hilarious comments about a list of things that he WOULD NOT do in engagement pictures.  This was one of them  ; ) . I can be quite persuasive.

I LOVE when couples are so willing to do anything.  After about 45 minutes I asked them, “what do you guys want to do?”  Amy replies, “Can we climb a tree?” UH, YES!

Amy has absolutely gorgeous eyes !
We had a lot of fun around this fountain.
Again, Gorgeous eyes!

That last picture was exactly what I wanted.  I told them to be as stiff as they could be and I knew eventually one would crack.

Could this place be any more beautiful? See?? This is what I had to deal with! Haha. It made me so happy they wanted to do things like this.  I love these pictures!
They are fun and goofy, but they are also in love.
I cannot stress how much fun I had on this shoot.

Women and Men/Woman and Man

Amy said that she wanted a few picture of her on Deron’s back, because he always gives her piggy back rides.  I love their playfulness and love for one another.

A little secret.  All the docs were being rebuilt.  It wasn’t even in the water.

Playful and romantic!

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