January 17, 2013

As I Think About My Goals

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So here’s the deal… I really like lists. I have at least 4 different lists on my iphone, a “to-do” list on my laptop (that I continue to avoid), and a few more in some notepads which I frequently use to doodle. I’ve continued to try to make myself a “writer”.  For years I’ve written REALLY bad poems about boys. Once I started to write a teen drama novel when I was a freshman in high school, but the floppy disc corrupted or something.  Anyway, I’ve accepted I’m not a writer.  I’m a list maker. So when I think about making 2013 blog post about my goals, in list format, I get really excited. I’m super NERDY excited in my heart.
So every year I sit up straight (I imagine a cheesy, naive grin, with the sun shining out of my face) and say “I, JENNIFER VAN ELK, am going to blog more this year!” I hear cheering from my follower (my husband… but in reality, it’s more like “eh” grunt).

I continue January with 4 personal non-photo related blogs – “Yeepee I’m so on it!” Then February hits. It’s still flipping cold out, what the frak?! Blankets. Lots of blankets. My arms do not work now. Too many blankets, but I’ve got to keep warm.  Blogs will come when skirts and sandals are let out of their closet prison. So, I continue to blog my sessions, but I lose the will to complete my goal of blogging about my normal/non-photo related life.

This year, there will be no blog goals, only that I write when I feel like writing. I feel like most of them will just be lists.

Here’s me, in 2013, claiming to be no one but myself.  Maybe someday I will have some sort of passion for writing a non-sarcastic post.

Goal post to follow 🙂

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