April 25, 2022

The Best Eyeglasses For Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding day is likely a day that you have been looking forward to since you were young. This special occasion is full of moments that you and your partner will cherish for a lifetime. From picking out the most romantic wedding photographer to creating a guest list filled with all of your loved ones. It’s a time where all your closest friends and family come together to celebrate, take lots of pictures, and enjoy some delicious food.

With all this celebrating, the last thing you want to worry about is some sort of wardrobe malfunction occurring on your big day. Your dress, suit, or even your eyewear all will play a big part in building your look on your wedding day. In this article, we will dive into a few things to consider during wedding planning to ensure your imperfect vision doesn’t ruin the perfect vision you have of your big day.

Add an Eye Exam to Your Wedding Planning List

Planning a wedding can be a very treacherous process without a wedding planner. Some might even say that this is the first test between you and your partner due to the amount of stress involved in this stage. With that in mind, you want your wedding checklist to include any and all personal appointments that are crucial to your wedding day.

The last thing you need to worry about on the eve of your rehearsal dinner is the fact that you forgot to visit your dentist for your annual teeth cleaning, or that you forgot to schedule a drop off time for the cake. It’s important to not forget about your annual eye exam either. Making sure your prescription is up-to-date will ensure you see the best day of your life as clearly as possible. Consider scheduling an eye exam with your optometrist at the same time you make your wedding website. This will give you a good ten months before the wedding to take care of any eye issues that may arise. Taking this step ahead of time guarantees that you can fully see and enjoy all of that hard work that you and your partner have planned.

Order a New Pair of Glasses

During this time of the unknown, due to the pandemic, far too often people neglect to order new glasses until it is too late. However, when you are planning a wedding, it is vital to focus on your personal needs to ensure you are ready for your big day. If you have been wearing the same glasses for the last few years for the sake of convenience, it may be time to upgrade your glasses. Buying some new prescription eyeglasses is a simple step to help refresh your eyes and your look. Taking this step while planning your wedding gives you the opportunity to discover a new style for yourself that may even shape the overall theme for your wedding. Having a pair of newly updated glasses can ensure that you enjoy your wedding day to the fullest while exploring your own personal style.

Choose the Right Lenses

With so many options now available for different lenses, many people fail to do a little extra research on which lens would be the best fitting for their personal lifestyle. Keeping your wedding in mind, odds are you will be the focus of many pictures. With various flashes going on and the potential of sunlight used for visual flair, you want to make sure that the photos capture your eyes through your glasses and not that pesky glare. Picking out lenses with an anti-reflective coating can be a one-stop fix to this problem. In addition, you can also research some important tips on how to avoid glasses glare in your photos. Taking these tips to your wedding photographer can ensure that you get the best wedding photos possible.

Pick the Right Frames

As a bride or groom, your face is going to be in every picture taken at your wedding. Choosing glasses that you like, as well as ones that compliment your style is something you should consider when buying. With new frames introduced to the market every month, there is no shortage of options for you and your partner. Before your wedding day, you should make an effort to find a pair of glasses that suits your lifestyle and personality. When choosing these frames consider all the aspects of your life, beyond your wedding day, including your job and activities that you participate in. These are all key factors that play a role in what frames you should pick. Whether you want a pair with bright red frames or something a little more subtle, the options are endless.

Have a Backup Plan

When you picture your wedding day, you hope for nothing but perfection. Good weather, breathtaking photos, and cherishable memories are among the top-ranking items on this perfect day checklist. Couples usually don’t envision things going wrong on their wedding day, but we must take into consideration that weddings consist of a lot of moving parts. There is always a chance of something going wrong and that is just life. Arriving at your big day with a backup plan can be very beneficial and give you peace of mind. Misplacing your glasses the morning of or having them get crushed during a party on the dance floor should not be a concern if you brought a spare pair in your wedding day emergency bag.

You should also consider bringing things such as a sewing kit, deodorant, a stain remover pen, and a lint roller as these items can all be essentials to saving the day. If you are feeling overly stressed about having to remember all these items, try using a daily planning app that will help you be prepared for anything when your wedding day finally arrives. Preparing for the unexpected is important so that even when life throws us challenging circumstances, you can act fast, stay on top of things, and still enjoy your special day.

Your wedding day is an event that you and your partner will remember for many years to come. Choosing the right eyeglasses for you on your wedding day can be the icing on the cake when it comes down to it. They complete your style, ensure that there will be no glare in your photos, and most importantly, make it so you can see your fairytale wedding come to life on the big day.

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