December 21, 2017

Arbuckle Acres Park Engagement Session with Bri & Jason

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The sky was overcast and there was little more than muted light filtering through the clouds. Thankfully, Bri and Jason’s happy demeanor and big smiles provided enough happiness to lighten the mood on this dismal day. A  flash positioned just right helped out a little bit too. I had so much fun capturing Bri and Jason’s engagement session. They were both so happy, and they spent the whole time joking around with each other. Spending time with them at Arbuckle Acres Park really brightened my day.

Off-Camera Flash in Arbuckle Acres Park

The sun was behind a giant blanket of light gray clouds in this shoot. I know a lot of people like shooting photos on overcast days because the light is nice and even, but I prefer something a little more dramatic. I packed a few flashes because I had a pretty good feeling this might happen in the shoot. I was disappointed the sun never popped out, but also excited about having a chance to try to mimic the look of the sun with my flash.

So, when it came time to do something a little more dramatic, I just hiked out into the woods at Arbuckle Acres Park and positioned a light stand and flash behind a tree. I wanted the light to shine through the branches, too look more like sun light filtering through the woods. I also just don’t like positioning a flash too close to my subject so it doesn’t blind my subject.

I really loved the way the photos turned out. The way the light from my off-camera flash illuminated the couple and backlit them gave me that drama I wanted. Plus, I loved the way the couple interacted during those moments. They were so relaxed. I’m always nervous that my subject will get nervous when I start setting up a flash on a light stand, but these two seemed not to notice or care.  The result was more realistic looking photos, even though we were faking it.

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