November 4, 2022

Brown County Engagement Photos with Kendall and Connor

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The leaves on the trees were all changing, from greens too yellows and oranges and reds. Those colors were reflected off the surface of Lake Ogle, providing a beautiful backdrop for photos. After hiking around the lake, Kendall and Connor paused to sit on a picnic table and admire the spectacular view. It was just one of the gorgeous moments from this Brown County engagement session.

This was technically just a portrait session as these two did their engagement session with Jenn earlier. Brown County State Park is special to Kendall and to her family though, so they wanted to do a second round of couple photos in the fall at the park. It worked out great because they also wanted to get some photos with their adorable dog, and that was not a possibility during the engagement session. Scroll down to see all the gorgeous photos from this shoot!

Did you love this Brown County engagement session?

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Firstly, check out this sweet engagement session with Kendall and Connor! These two met Jenn at Holcomb Gardens at Butler University for their engagement session. They captured a bunch of lovely photos there. As fall neared though the wanted to capture those brilliant fall colors in their portraits as well. Hence doing a second portrait session with them before the wedding.

Also, check out this wonderful engagement session with Katie and Peter! These two had their engagement session just two weeks before this shoot with Kendall and Connor. It is crazy some times how quickly the leaves change colors on all of the trees during autumn. Katie and Peter’s session at Artisan Acres Estate had a few trees showing fall colors.

Also, check out this endearing engagement session with Erin and Nick at Eagle Creek Park! This was another fall engagement session, but it was a little earlier in the season. So the leaves are mostly green in these photos. But next to Brown County State Park, Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis is probably my next most favorite place for fall photos. The water and hills are not like anything else you will find in Indianapolis.

Lastly, check out this lovely engagement session with Katie and Aaron! These two had their engagement session at Strawtown Koteewi Park in Noblesville. This park features lots of wide open meadows and grass. There are lots of transitions from river to forest to meadow to ponds, which makes this a very dynamic place to do photos. Plus the light at sunset looks gorgeous over the meadows.

Did you love these photos of this brilliant Indiana State Park?

If you loved the photos above, then consider visiting Brown County State Park! This state park is absolutely gorgeous in autumn. It is beautiful all year round, but when the leaves on all the trees turn yellow, orange, and red it becomes a little bit more magical than usual.

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