December 17, 2015

The Aristocrat Pub Engagement Shoot | Plus Butler Campus in Indy | Meredith & Jake

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Meredith and Jake stood in the entryway to the bar at the Aristocrat, each holding the other gently around the waist. Meredith looked up into Jake’s loving eyes and they both smiled. These were the kind of smiles that make their way from the curve of the lip up to the corner of the eye, that emanate out from a person and sink into the people around them, brightening their souls. These smiles were deep rooted in the hearts of this couple, so completely in love. What a treat it was to spend time with these two and capture some moments with them in a few of their favorite places.

The Aristocrat Pub, where we started our photo journey, was reconstructed in 2012, but it feels much older, perhaps borrowing that ancient feeling from the numerous antiques scattered throughout the establishment, breathing the same air as the patrons. It was an elegant little pub. We moved from the Aristocrat Pub to Butler’s campus, where we were able to capture a few moments in Robertson Hall, Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium, and the beautiful Holcomb Gardens. The Holcomb Gardens were especially beautiful on the day of our shoot in November. Just a few days earlier it had snowed, and the snow was slowly melting off the ground during the shoot, the water trickling down toward the canal. Steve and I are really looking forward to capturing some more amazing shots of this fantastic couple at their wedding next summer!

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