October 3, 2021

Carmel Fall Family Photos

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In a field of tall grass this family of six stood hugging each other. The grass was brown as it dried before winter and the trees in the background had just started to change colors. A few leaves had already fallen to the ground and lay scattered about. This family was so adorable, and we loved shooting these Carmel fall family photos!

Did you love these Carmel fall family photos?

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Firstly, check out this sweet family photo session with the Shaffer family! This photo session was shot just a few days before the one in this post. They were both in Carmel and I think you can see how beautiful Carmel looks in autumn in these photos. The Shaffers are friends from college and it was great to get to spend some time catching up with them while shooting. I have a soft spot for this sweet family.

Also, check out this charming family photo session with the Rincker family! We did these photos in Broad Ripple at the Indianapolis Art Center’s ARTSPARK. The ARTSPARK is such a great place to visit with kids. All of the installments look beautiful and some of them you can walk inside. Every time we go here with kids for a shoot they have so much fun. It makes us so happy to see kids enjoying photo shoots.

Lastly, check out this adorable family photo session with the Summers Family! We did this photo session at Russell Farms. Russell Farms is such a great place to go with kids. They have a ton of pumpkins in the fall that you can buy. Plus the grounds around the pumpkin area are just beautiful and it’s a great place to go for photos or a picnic. This shoot featured a toddler surrounded by pumpkins which was just too cute.

If you loved these photos, consider visiting Carmel! Carmel is a great city with lots of amazing restaurants and places to shop. Plus it looks gorgeous when the leaves change colors in fall.

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