September 3, 2020

Coxhall Gardens Engagement Session with Katelyn and Nick

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Last fall when the air was cooler and it was okay to wear pants and jackets, Katelyn and Nick had the most adorable engagement photos! They met with Hannah in front of the Coxhall Mansion and started shooting. We just love the way Hannah captured them laughing and dancing in front of the gates at Coxhall Gardens. We just love everything about this charming Coxhall Gardens engagement session to be fair.

As you scroll you might notice that for part of the shoot Katelyn and Nick had their dog with them. There were so many amazing photos of the dog that it was hard to just pick a few for this post. Katelyn and Nick put a bandana on their dog that says, “My humans are getting married.” It looked great. This is the kind of shoot that makes me really wish we had a dog.

Did you love this Coxhall Gardens engagement session?

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If you loved the photos in this post, then consider visiting Coxhall Gardens in Hamilton County.

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