August 6, 2013

Don’t Panic | Tip Tuesday

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It’s Tuesday and we want to give you the best wedding advice I can give any bride, straight from the back of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “Don’t Panic.”
How Stress effects the body

Yeah. Not cool, stress.

How Stress effects Your Wedding Pictures

Including all the physical effects of stress, it can also ruin your memories of your day.

I was the first of my close friends to get married and I was a stressed out DIY bride.  I did everything myself and did a terrible job at delegating tasks. During the portraits, I was just overwhelmed. I was very happy to be marrying my wonderful husband, but my wedding pictures serve as a constant reminder of how stressed I was on the big day.

It doesn’t matter how pretty the picture is, it’s only going to be pretty to everyone else. The memory of how you felt is tied to the pictures. If you are stressed and overwhelmed, your memories will be of the day being stressful and overwhelming.

Tips to Overcome the Stress:

  • Don’t procrastinate. If you have time, try to mark a few things off your list every day. That way the last few days aren’t so stressful.
  • Delegate! Delegate! Delegate! I can’t say it enough. Hire professionals (they actually have done this before so they know what to do in any situation), ask friends to take care of coordinating, as your mom or your mother-in-law etc. There shouldn’t be one task that you are in charge of on your wedding day except to marry the love of your life.
  • Finish as much as you can two weeks before the wedding. The week of the wedding, schedule a massage/pedicure, take long baths, and hang out with friends.  It’s your last week of being single. Make it enjoyable!
  • If you get stressed out easily, make sure you get as much sleep as you can. Leave the partying for the night of the wedding. Every night that you sleep 8 hours you’ll feel better and more energetic the next day. Lack of sleep causes anxiety for many people.
  • Eat well during the week of your wedding. Almonds, Blueberries, lean beef, and asparagus are superfoods that help with stress.
  • Don’t worry about the schedule.  Talk to your coordinator into putting some extra time before the ceremony, so if getting ready takes a little more time than planned, you’ll still have enough time for portraits. I do this with everyone of my clients. I’ve never had one late to their wedding. Ever.

We want you to enjoy your day not only because we realize how much that impacts your love for the photos, but because we realize how much time has been put into planning this party. It’s a party, celebrating your love for one another. Enter your party thinking, “At the end of the day, no mater what happens, I’ll be married to my best friend.” That’s the goal right? Don’t let the little things keep you from enjoying that accomplishment.

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