September 10, 2020

Downtown Indianapolis Engagement Photos with Kara and Nick

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In downtown Indianapolis there’s a beautiful building across from the Indiana War Memorial that has brilliant blue, pink, and yellow walls. In front of the blue wall, I asked Kara and Nick to dance. Usually couples get together and slow dance when I give this prompt. But Kara and Nick took it up another notch. Nick doing the running man and Kara doing a bunch of disco moves. It was so much fun and so funny. I loved capturing these downtown Indianapolis engagement photos with Kara and Nick!

This wasn’t the only time during the shoot that these two made things a lot more fun. The whole shoot was punctuated by these two trying to make each other laugh and succeeding. I loved it. One of my favorites was when I asked Kara and Nick to hold hands and walk down a path together. I told them to hold off for a few moments while I walked ahead so I could setin a great position. When I turned around it looked like Kara was doing a wall sit against Nick (there’s a photo below). It made all of us laugh. After this shoot, my face felt sore from smiling so much and so hard and my stomach hurt from laughing. It was fantastic.

Did you love these downtown Indianapolis engagement photos?

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