February 14, 2019

Downtown Indianapolis Engagement Session with Maggie & Timo

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The sky, free of clouds on the drive to downtown, had taken a turn for the worse. Dark clouds seemed to sprout out of nowhere and clog up the sky, blocking out the sun. Usually, that wouldn’t be a big deal, but I was meeting with a couple to do a downtown Indianapolis engagement session. We’d already canceled one shoot because of the rain.

We decided to go ahead with the shoot, since everyone was there. I thought we could just shoot under trees and overhangs to try to get the most out of our time. Unfortunately, the tree we were hiding under during the rain didn’t keep Maggie and Timo from getting wet. Fortunately, Maggie and Timo were okay with it! A few minutes later when the sun broke through the clouds they ran out into the rain! We were able to capture some of the most breathtaking photos at their engagement shoot!

This is by far one of the coolest shoots I’ve ever done. You just don’t find couples who want to dance and kiss in the rain every day… And you can’t ever plan on rain and a break in the clouds that lets just the perfect amount of sunlight through. The irony is we cancelled their shoot a week earlier because of rain, and rescheduled for this day because there was zero percent chance of rain. Anyway, so glad these two wanted to make the most of this situation! They were spectacular!

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