February 11, 2019

Eagle Creek Engagement Photography with Bryana & DJ

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The sun’s light filtered through the thick green leaves hanging from the trees surrounding the Eagle Creek reservoir. Even in the the middle of the day, not much light made it down to the forest floor. On a shady path running through the woods, Bryana and DJ paused for a second on their walk to hug. Their smiles seemed to illuminate the path, pushing back the shade. I had so much fun capturing this lovely couple at their Eagle Creek engagement photography session!

I had so much fun capturing Bryana and DJ’s engagement session! They met in college and fell in love and as you can see in these photos, are still very much in love. Within a few minutes of meeting them I already felt like I had known them for a long time. It felt like we were old friends just hanging out again, for the first time in a long time. I love that quality about them. I can’t wait to capture their wedding this summer!

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Steve and I adore Eagle Creek! If you love this park as much as we do, then consider supporting it! It’s the only park in Indy that is mandated that it needs to be self sufficient. Every donation, no matter how small, really helps to keep the park up and running. And we would love to see this park stay open and clean and accessible. It’s one of our favorite places to shoot in Indy!

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