June 28, 2011

{Engagement: Heather and Mike}

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Heather contacted me about her September wedding a few months ago.  We didn’t get an opportunity to meet before the engagement so I was anxious to put a face to the voice behind the phone.  Heather greeted me with a bubbly hello.   I knew from the start I would just love being around them both.  They are sweet together.   They are the type of couple you just feel comfortable around. They aren’t all over each other but there is just something about their interaction that shows that they are so in love.
The plan was to meet at the circle in Indy, shoot around the monument and then head to the fire station.  To my surprise, I pulled around the circle only to find a huge fence around the monument and construction equipment everywhere.  I love a challenge, but this wasn’t going to do. Luckily, Indianapolis is a “goldmine” and there were plenty of photo opportunities.

“The one thing I told him to do was not to propose in my dorm room,” Heather explains, “So what does he do? He proposes in my dorm room.”  I laughed.   Heather continued to tell me that there were a few issues with her promise ring that need to be fixed, so when Mike went into town with his mother he asked to take it to get it fixed.

“I found it kind of odd that he was going into town, but then he asked for my promise ring, so I figured it wasn’t going to happen.”  While Heather was telling the story her facial expressions and tone really expressed the emotion she was feeling.  I felt engaged; like I was processing the whole thing with her.

Later that week, Mike visited Heather at college.  When she left to take a shower, he switched her promise ring with the engagement ring assuming she would just slip it on her finger not even realizing what it was.  She got out of the shower, got dressed but noticed the ring.  She picked it up and took it into the other room to find Mike on one knee.

Now this wasn’t the original plan.  He was going to take her to a beautiful fountain on campus but he just couldn’t wait.  I really love that part of the story.  Although it might have not been Heather’s preferred location Mike’s anxiousness to be engaged to her makes for a wonderful proposal.

Congrats Heather and Mike, I can’t wait until 9 10 11!

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Mike is a firefighter.  It was a privilege that we had the chance to spend time at Station 13 to take a few pictures.  The fireman kindly left the doors open so we could get some shots with the apparatus.

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