June 19, 2013

Factory 12 Loft | Columbus, IN Wedding | Jess & Jacob

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At some weddings, it just feels like the days flies by because we are having such a fun time. Jessica and Jacob’s wedding was definitely one of those weddings. The wedding party had such a fun time celebrating with Jessica & Jacob. During down time, the groomsmen serenaded everyone with A Capella renditions of pop songs. They were all full of energy and kept it up until the very end of the beautiful day.
Jessica looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. Jacob covered his dropped jaw when he saw her for the first time. It was such a sweet moment.

I loved their reception location, The Factory 12 Loft. Very rustic feel, but their beautiful centerpieces brought life and color to the room. When I went to check the time to see how close we were to the send off, I was in shock that we only had 15 more minutes! It was an easy day because we were having so much fun!

Factory 12 Loft Wedding_004

Jess’s maid of honor, Molly, led a bible study with Jess. At one of their first studies they talked about how Jesus is the good shepherd. It really stuck with them, so on the following April Fool’s Day, Molly posted sheep all around Jessica’s dorm room. Jess thought it was funny. It became a big inside joke within their relationship and on the wedding day, a few sheep were in attendance.

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Factory 12 Loft Wedding_010When Nolan, the ring bearer, was asked to be the Ring Bearer, he ran away. Then when he came back, he asked if he could be the groom instead. Jess and Jacob joked about Nolan fighting Jacob for her.

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Factory 12 Loft Wedding_021Each table was assigned a song. So for dinner, tables were dismissed by their song instead of numbers. They picked great love songs that were special to them.

Factory 12 Loft Wedding_022

Factory 12 Loft Wedding_023Isn’t this a great non-traditional guestbook? Jacob is a wonderful musician and they both love music, so they thought it would be a great addition to their wedding. The guitar was gifted to them by the family’s friend, Les Wilson.

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Watch the groomsmen dance to PSY’s Gangnam Style.

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Ceremony Location: Community church of columbus
Reception Location: Factory 12 Loft
Catering: The Pines
Honeymoon: Florida (surprise)
Wedding Colors: Turquoise and Orange
Officiant: Pastor Chuck Coleman
Wedding Dress: Essence of Australia from that special touch Columbus, IN
Bridesmaid dresses, Suits, & Florist: That Special Touch
Hair Stylist: Brides: Tammy Brody, Bridesmaids: Wendy Kirts & Penny Hundley
Make-up Artist: Grace Hundley (friend of bride)
Cake Designer: Tina Vanest From Heartsville Sweet
Entertainment: Mike Asher of Midnight Express
Save the Dates: Designed by Katie Kutsko, photograph by Jennifer VanElk
Wedding invitations: designed by Katie Kutsko
Programs: made by Jessica Oliver
Children’s activity books: made my Molly Workman

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