July 18, 2013

Featured on Beyond Beyond UK | Jessica & Eric

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Who cares about schedules (last post), here’s something sweet for today. Jessica & Eric have been dear friends of mine since college. They are seriously a perfect match.
I had the privilege to capture their wedding, and just recently it was picked up by Beyond Beyond UK, by the brilliant Amma Adjubi-Archibald. You’ll love her blog. Jess & Eric were featured in two parts in the past two days. Since there is a time difference, I stayed up late at night to read both. It was completely worth it!

Thanks so much for Jessica & Eric for letting me capture such a beautiful wedding and Thank you to Amma for writing such a captivating piece and featuring them on your blog!

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 12.04.05 PMBoth post are worth a read!

Jessica & Eric 1.0
Jessica & Eric 2.0

Be sure to give Jessica, Eric, and Amma lots of love in Beyond/Beyond’s comment box!

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