July 24, 2019

Fountain Square Engagement Shoot with Aunjalee and Joe

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A few plants grew up through the cracks in the cement, partially covering the beautiful mural on the wall of a building in Fountain Square. Fountain Square has a knack for allowing artists to paint stunning graffiti art murals on their walls and that makes it one of my favorite places to shoot. It’s one of those places in Indianapolis that just has a ton of character and is perfect for photographers. Aunjalee and Joe held hands and walked in front of some of this stunning art work, looking at each other and smiling. Throughout the whole shoot, these two couldn’t keep their eyes off each other and never stopped smiling. I had so much fun capturing this Fountain Square engagement shoot!

Did you love this Fountain Square engagement shoot?

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Firstly check out this cool Fountain Square engagement session with Sara and Sean! Sara and Sean wanted to capture some unique photos in an area we don’t shoot in very often. Funny how just a few weeks later I returned for Aunjalee and Joe’s shoot! Sara and Sean’s shoot was great though because it helped me become better acquainted with the area and find a lot of really awesome places to shoot! In the past it’s always been Jenn doing the shoots in Fountain Square, so it was great for me, Steve, to get out there on my own!

Also, check out this amazing engagement shoot with Lauren and Campbell at Laguna Beach in California! I’m having trouble getting over how much I loved this shoot and how beautiful it was! Jenn and I are so lucky to get to work with so many great clients who bring us out to amazing places for shoots!

Next, check out this wonderful engagement session with Chrissy and Kris at Eagle Creek Park! These were some of my clients for Redwood Lane, the other photography company I own. Their shoot was gorgeous and had a stunning sunset over the reservoir!

Lastly, check out this great engagement session with Adriana and Luke on a rooftop in New York City! The Manhattan skyline acts as a backdrop for much of this shoot and it’s gorgeous! Unfortunately, I didn’t shoot this engagement session. Jenn did this one. But that’s just because she was the only one free to go to NYC. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding though!

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