October 26, 2016

Downtown Muncie | Engagement Session | Haley & Matt

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The shadows of the buildings along Walnut Street slanted and stretched out across the street leaving the downtown walkways of Muncie in shade. Haley and Matt walked down the center of the street, holding hands and giddily smiling at each other. As they walked past a small parking lot, exiting the shadows of the buildings, the golden light of the setting sun highlighted their radiant smiles and the innocent look of love in their eyes.

I grew up around this town. I took my first trip with my new drivers license to a coffee shop on Walnut. Steve and I had our first date just around the corner and spent many hang outs at the Heorot as I finished college at Ball State. Casa Del Sol, our go-to restaurant after church, was just a block from we did all of these photos. Walnut Street has many memories for Steve and me, and I’m glad to share one with Haley and Matt as well.

When I was in junior high, Haley’s family moved to my hometown. This was the first time I met, my cousin, Haley. I didn’t know at the time this sweet girl would grow into such a wonderful friend. When she was in first grade, I helped out with her class. I still have the card she wrote me, “Dear Jenny, Thank you for helping everyone in my class. You are the best cousin ever! I love you.” That little red-headed girl in a blue headband grew up to be a gorgeous, mature adult. At times, I remember her as the high-energy, five-year-old girl I used to babysit. But when I sit down with her, I see her as an equal, a very smart and fun equal. Haley was there when I walked down the aisle, and I cannot even describe with words how proud and excited it makes me feel to know I’ll be witnessing and capturing their wedding just 8 years after my own.

Matt & Haley met while attending the same high school and started dating after Steve and I were married. I remember going to a bonfire at Haley’s house, soon after they started dating. I had a feeling this was the end of a short search. Matt and Haley had each found their forever partner. Even though it has been a few years since high school, their love still seems so fresh and youthful. 

Haley & Matt: We are beyond thrilled to be a part of this journey. You and Matt are so incredibly sweet. We look forward to the double dates, nerd talks, and chats over coffee. We love you guys.


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