June 11, 2012

{Highlights 2011 Weddings: Special Moments}

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I love happy tears! I’m a sympathetic crier, so I’m right there with them! I tear up at every wedding, especially when the parent’s cry!Ashley’s mom had bought her a pearl every year since she was a baby, so for her wedding she’d have a pearl necklace to wear.  It was a very special moment for the both of them.

Although Katie and Dan had a revealing, the emotions of walking down the aisle (the feeling that “it’s really happening”) finally hit her.

It breaks my heart to see a Dad cry.  They aren’t necessarily sad tears but there is that pain of letting their little girl go.

Emily was overwhelmed with joy as she said her vows.

Aaron’s mother emotions shown during the ceremony slideshow.

Matron of honor and sister of bride tears up during the vow exchange.

The mother of the groom cheerfully welcomes the bride into the family.

Erin is overwhelmed with emotions during the Father daughter dance while her father comforts her.

Stephanie and Jared traditionally waited to see each other before the ceremony but had opted to have a few picture before the ceremony together (without seeing each other).  Steph began to cry as Jared approached her.

Katie’s mother tears up seeing her in the dress.

Ben wrote Molly a funny, but heartfelt letter for her to read the day of the wedding.  As Molly read the letter out loud, I remember getting very teared up myself!

One of Emily’s bridesmaid shows her happiness as Emily gets in her dress.

The father sees bride for the first time in her wedding dress.

Heather starts to cry after reading a beautiful message from Mike.

(breathe, tearing up a bit)  Matt’s grandma was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  After winning the anniversary dance, her children and grandchildren surround them and give them a hug.  When Matt’s Grandma Langenkamp passed away in October, he put a picture of her and him together as his facebook profile picture and it has not changed.  She was loved deeply.

A beautiful speech from Stephanie’s sister brought the guest to tears.

… and the bride

The mother of the bride gets emotional as she watches her daughter and husband dance the father daughter dance.

Andrew’s brother gets a little choked up while giving the best man’s speech. It brought a huge portion of the guest to tears.

Heather and her mother dance a song together for the mother daughter dance

Bethany and her father right before the processional


As they sang worship together, tears of joy flowed down Becca’s face.  I had my heavy telephoto on at that moment and I kept repeating to myself, “Jenn, don’t cry, don’t cry!” I didn’t want camera shake. I had to pull myself together.

Right after Rachel and CJ’s revealing, their family and friends surrounded them for pictures.

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