February 21, 2019

IMA Engagement Shoot with Candace & Bryon

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The leaves of the tree were pale in the light of the setting sun. Underneath the leaves, Candace and Bryon stood holding hands. They looked back over their shoulders, through some branches that were hanging low. They both smiled. This was just one of the many great moments we had during their IMA engagement shoot! I’m so glad I was able to capture Candace and Bryon’s engagement shoot and their wedding! This couple was so much fun and so in love! And those are two of my favorite things!

Did you love this IMA engagement shoot with Candace and Bryon?

If you loved this shoot, then check out some of these other shoots we have done recently in Indianapolis!

Firstly, Candace and Bryon had an elegant wedding at the Omni Severin last year that is already up on the blog! So if you loved seeing photos of this great couple, then check out their wedding! You’ll love their portraits! Unfortunately, Steve didn’t second shoot the wedding with me, because was too busy shooting their video! This is one of our favorite videos that we’ve made! You have to watch it to see how adorable they are together and to hear their lovely vows.

Also, check out this alluring engagement session at the IMA with Angela and John! This couple was so much fun to work with and so adventurous! They brought a sign with them that said they were with the one whom their soul loved. I loved that quote, and you’ll love their photos!

But also, check out this passionate engagement photography with Leah and Jay at the Indianapolis Museum of Art! Leah and Jay had an autumn engagement session! So there were some beautiful splashes of colors in the trees at Newfields during their shoot!

Lastly, check out this romantic engagement shoot at Newfields with Alli and James! These two were so dreamy together! We had such a fun shoot full of idyllic, amorous moments!

If you love the photos you saw on the blog, consider donating to Newfields to help preserve the art and keep up the grounds! Every little bit counts!

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