October 31, 2019

Indianapolis Brewery Photography with Scarlet Lane #Sinfluencers

FILED IN: Styled shoot

My friend, and one of the brewers at Scarlet Lane, approached me with an idea this fall. He wanted to do a parody mash up of the horror genre and of social media influencers. The idea being to take horror figures out of their spooky and creepy vibe and make them look like regular people. Well, regular people trying to make a living on Instagram. Josh called the project #sinfluencers. I loved this idea. So we got to work looking at the sorts of photos and poses that influencers were doing to get an idea of how we would need to pose our characters. The shoot ended up being ridiculous and fun. I would have laughed through the whole thing, but a lot of these costumes were still creepy even with influencer poses. I had so much fun doing some zany photography at my favorite brewery in the Indianapolis area!

Did you love this Indianapolis brewery photography?

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Firstly, check out this amazing Krampus event at Scarlet Lane! Every year at Scarlet Lane Brewing company they do a holiday party in December. You don’t have to dress up to attend the part, but a lot of people do dress up. There were four people in Krampus costumes, some ghostbusters, a Santa, an alien Santa, and at least one angel. This is one of my favorite events that I’ve ever captured.

Also, check out this super fun cocktail making event put on by Hendrick’s Gin and Yelp! Hendrick’s brought an expert cocktail maker to Indianapolis to teach Yelp Elite members how to make gin cocktails. Attendees got to make drinks and drink them. It was fantastic.

If you loved the photos in this blog post, then check out Scarlet Lane next time you’re in Indianapolis! It is our favorite brewery. They also make Steve’s favorite beer, Eirik Bloodaxe. You don’t have to go to the main building to have a great time as they have several tap houses throughout Indy. If you like beer and you like horror, there isn’t a better place on earth.

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