March 19, 2013

Indianapolis Wedding Photographers | Engagement sessions: Best of 2012

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One part of our job that I love is getting to know engaged couples. Engagement sessions give our couples an opportunity to see how I shoot. Engagement sessions are also a great way for me to see how our couples interact with one another. I love the giggles, the flirting, and romantic smiles that make these shoots so much fun.
In 2012, I went everywhere for these sessions and I loved each one.  The sessions are all unique, like the couples that are in the sessions. Each session challenges me as a photographer and influences the way I will shoot the couple’s wedding later in the year.

I remember how important these pictures were to my husband and me.  The engagement session itself is an important shoot because they are sometimes crucial for preparing for the wedding photos.  The engagement session is like a practice session for the wedding day. It allows the couples to get comfortable being in front of a camera. The best part is that not only do these couples get to practice, they also have beautiful pictures of themselves to share.

Here are a few of our favorites from 2012:

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