December 20, 2016

Indy Corporate Photobooth Event Photography

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A lot of times when I go to corporate events I do not expect it to be a lot of fun. This event was a little bit different though! I had so much fun capturing these photobooth style images here! The attendees were a lot of fun! While some of them went wild, a lot of them just wanted a nice photo too. So I did a few of those as well! I surprisingly loved doing Indy Corporate Photobooth pictures!

Did you love these Indy Corporate Photobooth pictures?

If you loved these event photos, then check out some of the other event coverage we have done!

Firstly, check out this Indy photography at the Hendrick’s Gin Yelp Elite event in Garfield Park. This event, much like the one above, was a lot of fun! While shoot I got to learn a lot about making gin cocktails. Why? Because it was a cocktail making class! Can you think of anything more fun that? It was a blast!

Also, check out my turn as one of the Indianapolis photographers at the Paint the Town Red event put on by Yelp! I say one of the photographers, but the other photographer was Steve. So we were both of the photographers. This event was a ton of fun to photograph and we were thrilled to get to sample so many foods and drinks from different businesses based in Indianapolis!

Next, check out this amazing event put on by Yelp Indy at the Indianapolis Public Library called the Yelp Bazaar! The Yelp Bazaar is one of my favorite events in Indy! It is one of Steve’s favorite events too! It is the biggest event Yelp puts on every year and so many people attend. Even when we shoot the event we have to bring money cause we can not go and not buy some new cool thing.

Lastly, check out this great Yelp event at the Indiana State Fair! This event is all about Fair food! I love fair food! I got to sample all of the food I photographed at this event! It was so tasty, and so much fun!

The event blogged about above was put on by Indiana Electric Cooperatives! They’re a great company! Check them out!

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