August 2, 2022

Lockerbie Engagement with Danielle and Erin

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A set of fairy lights twinkled softly on a small tree as the sun slowly descended toward the horizon. On the sidewalk in front of the tree, Danielle and Erin hugged and laughed. Because of the pandemic, these two moved their wedding ceremony with friends and family from the bay area to Indiana. I think technically at this time they had already eloped, so this was less of a Lockerbie engagement and more of just a couples portrait session in downtown Indy. Regardless, it was a lot of fun.

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Also a big thanks to Zoe Larkin! Danielle and Erin went through a bunch of Covid reschedules. That eventually meant they decided to move their ceremony with family and friends to Indiana. Quite the move, from the San Francisco bay area to the midwest. Zoe was their original photographer. When they decided to move their wedding to Indiana and she was unable to shoot it, she recommended us.

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