June 30, 2016

Mustard Seed Gardens | Sarah & Austin

FILED IN: Anniversary

When two people truly love each other, their hearts become one, their silence becomes their own language, their eyes talk and their heart beats respond, hours feel like seconds, they are lost in time, when they are together then life is complete. -Neena Gupta

Sarah and Austin celebrated their first anniversary by coming back to the place where their marriage started. Mustard Seed Gardens graciously allowed us to capture on their property. Unlike on a typical wedding day, when there are so many people vying for the attention of the couple, there was no one at the gardens during this shoot, which meant it felt much more intimate. It almost felt like we were walking around their own private property instead of walking around an event venue.

I love capturing anniversary shoots. Married couples are comfortable with one another, almost as if they have molded into one. So it should not be a surprise that I was really looking forward to this shoot. The outcome of this shoot exceeded my expectations, which were very high. Sarah and Austin did so well and interacted so well with each other and me. It was such a pleasure to capture this sweet couple for their first anniversary!

Congrats, Sarah and Austin!

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