July 25, 2013

My Second Shooter: My Best Friend

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Most of you know that Steve, my husband, is my second shooter.  The reason some of you don’t know he’s my second shooter is because he humbly gives me all the credit. Well, I don’t deserve all of the credit, because he is the biggest reason my business is where it’s at today.
Before my business, he was the reason I picked up a camera again.

Lets start at the beginning.  After years of shooting with film and getting burned out working at a studio that only captured family & children, I sort of called it quits. I lost the love for the art because my experience of having it as a job was horrible (long story short, mean demanding mom mad me cry, plus I did not like most of what the job entailed). After Steve & I got engaged, he bought me my first digital camera. Honestly, I was a little annoyed. I felt like it was a waste, because at the time I had no desire to do photography again. From that point on, he’d take me on dates and force me to take pictures. After our first “photo walk,” I started to remember how much I loved it. With time, those memories turned into a passion.  Now, as you know, my passion is my career. Steve saw something I didn’t see in myself.

He gives me all the credit.

Every time something is published he says something along the lines of “Check out the wedding my wife had published…”  He’s so sweet to give me all the credit but I don’t deserve all of it.  His images are there as well.  His support during the day has given me the opportunity to be creative and capture the things I love to capture.

Some of his friends have no idea he shoots with me.  Some people have no idea how talented he really is at photography. I could continue to talk about how talented he is at photography, but instead I’ll just show you some of his fantastic pictures and let them do the speaking.

Now it’s his turn to shine. Some of my favorites he’s shot from the past:

FB 003 Forest Hill Wedding Photogaphy_016 Forest Hill Wedding Photogaphy_017 Forest Hill Wedding Photogaphy_022 Indianapolis Wedding Photography_003 Indianapolis_Wedding_-036  Indianapolis_Wedding_-040 Indianapolis_Wedding_-041    Muncie Indiana Wedding | Muncie Alliance Church | Horizon Convention Center | Ball State Music Building |  Jennifer Van Elk Photography_330 Muncie Indiana Wedding | Muncie Alliance Church | Horizon Convention Center | Ball State Music Building |  Jennifer Van Elk Photography_336 South Bend Wedding Photography_034 South Bend Wedding Photography_035 South Bend Wedding Photography_036 South Bend Wedding Photography_037 South Bend Wedding Photography_038 South Bend Wedding Photo
graphy_039 South Bend Wedding Photography_040 South Bend Wedding Photography_041 South Bend Wedding Photography_042 South Bend Wedding Photography_043 South Bend Wedding_048 South Bend Wedding_051 Tippecanoe Place Indianapolis wedding photographer_010 Tippecanoe Place Indianapolis wedding photographer_050

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