October 28, 2018

Noblesville Senior Photos with Emily

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This is part two of Emily’s senior session with me! These photos were shot near dusk. As a result, these photos are a little more dark and moody. Even though they are a little darker and moodier, her smile is still just as bright. I just love the way these photos turned out. I hope you love these Noblesville senior photos as much as I do!

Do you love these Noblesville senior photos?

If you love these photos, then check out some of my other recent shoots!

Firstly, check out this sweet engagement shoot with Emily in Noblesville! This is the same Emily as the one above. This was part one of her photo shoot with me. This part of the shoot was near sunset. We shot a lot of photos of her at the water front and in the woods in this first section of her senior shoot! Working with her was so much fun, because she never stopped smiling! She was so optimistic. She was like a breath of fresh air on a dismal day.

Also, check out this lovely senior session with Jessie in Muncie! Jessie is such a sweet girl. We did a bunch of photos at the Minnetrista in Muncie, Indiana. Jessie is the daughter of one of my best friends in Muncie! Doing this shoot with her was so much fun! We were able to capture photos in front of a bunch of wildflowers and some of the historic homes. The sunlight was amazing as it was setting. I love these photos.

Lastly, check out this stylish senior photo session with Ashley in Muncie! I used to coach junior high cheerleading! Ashley was one of the girls in my squad. I had a lot of fun shooting her senior photos! She has always been so positive and bubbly! She was one of the most fun girls on the squad and she is one of the most fun people I know!

If you loved these photos, then consider visiting Noblesville! While you are here, maybe we can do a shoot together!

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