June 18, 2012

Our Family Photos: Mad Men Style | 60s style family portraits

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The Preparation:
I searched and searched for the perfect dress for our vintage style photo shoot, only to find it right under my nose… well right under a big pile of garage sale clothes in our storage room.  I bought this black dress thinking that I could pull off vintage style for my everyday lifestyle. Yeah right.  I couldn’t even attempt it because I knew I would look ridiculous. Some of my friends rock it, but I do not. The dress was actually exactly what I wanted for this photo shoot though.

We had to cancel our first session because Iain was sick, but it really ended up working in our favor. That gave me a little more time to put together outfits and a little more time for our photographer to do research. As a result, WE ARE SO HAPPY WITH OUR PICTURES!

The shoot:

We love to take pictures of each other, but unfortunately that means one of us is always left out of the moment.  We have been wanting to get family pictures since Iain was born, but with our busy schedules and an unpredictable little boy, we really thought there was no hope. On top of that, every photographer that I contacted was intimidated by our request, a 60s style family shoot.  We wanted some romantic and fun pictures of Steven and I, because we mostly just have goofy pictures because Steve is SO AWKWARD (and silly) in front of the camera. It was starting to feel like we’d never get those types of pictures.

Then, I met Micala during a “Share Group”.  A “Share Group” is a group of photographers in the area (including myself) that meet once a month to go on shoot outs, eat, and just hang out.  At the “Share Group,” I just clicked with Micala.  I really like her as a person and she creates beautiful images. When I asked her if she’d be up for doing a stylized Mad Men-like shoot, she was excited. I knew she was definitely the photographer for us!

On the shoot, we met Micala’s husband, Jordan.  Iain quickly became best friends with Jordan, which means we were able to get some pictures of just Steve and me without a screaming 1 year old in the background. You could say our families just clicked and we ended up just having a blast on the shoot.

These are the results of a well planned family portrait session (that we loved)!




























Thank you Micala McClain Photography!

 And a few to show how awkward we really are…

Our engagement pictures… all over again. Steve, thank you for the few pictures of you not making faces… but honestly, I love the ones with you being yourself as well.


Ew… a baby.
I DO love my son. I’m not really sure what happened here but it made me laugh.


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